Summary of the 19th Warsaw Art Fair

This year's edition was a unique event, if only because of the turnout, which was especially good. The number of people visiting the fair was over 9,000!


Among over 80 galleries from all over Poland, we were awarded the title of "The Most Interesting Exhibitor".


We showed some of the works from our collection, including: the wonderful Jan Tarasin from 1972, Stanisław Fijałkowski from the 80s, our favorite Tadeusz Dominik from the 70s, and the increasingly sought-after paintings by Aleksandra Jachtoma.

Representatives of the trend of geometric abstraction are particularly close to us, such as our friend Tamara Berdowska, Michał Misiak, or the late outstanding artist Janusz Orbitowski.

Among the viewers, the works of the Poznań artist Sebastian Krzywak, a representative of the so-called new abstraction, aroused great interest.

In our exhibition space, we also presented several works by Mariusz Kruk - appreciated by critics since the 1980s for his activities in the legendary Poznań group "Koło Klipsa" and awarded at the 9th Documenta in Kassel, Germany.


Thank you very much for appreciating the work we put into preparing this event. Granting such an award is not only a distinction for the gallery, but also an appreciation of the artists who work with us and those who are in our collection.


When the current edition ended, we already started thinking about the next 20th edition of the Art Fair - jubilee, where we will do everything to show an even better side.


Thank you to everyone who appreciated our hard work and supported us over the past year!