A moment with Tamara Berdowska

Tamara Berdowska is an artist who uses the language of abstract geometry. Educated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow between 1985 and 1990, she creates painting compositions and original objects - paintings of a spatial nature. 

Tamara Berdowska is one of the most original representatives of geometric abstraction not only in Poland, but also in an international perspective. Like for some of the pioneers of abstraction, for her, painting was supposed to be a way of breaking away from individually and empirically lived experience, of discovering invisible but existing principles. The concepts that arise in the imagination, devoid of any reference to sensory reality, are realised in cycles, elaborated in many resulting variations. One image gives birth to another, until a sense of fulfilment of the idea emerges and the need to move on to the next stage begins to emerge. The work evolves not within the framework of a created system, but according to the development of the author herself, for whom it is important to sense the vividness and authenticity of her own creation.                  

Agnieszka Tes