The object and its place in human reality. In Dariusz Mlącki's work, seemingly trivial everyday objects are reduced to the rank of symbols. Multiplied, created by elements from the natural world or exclusive gallantry, they regain their individuality previously limited only to the value and function of themselves as objects.

By making objects such as a letter or a candle, for example, the main subject of his paintings, Mlącki makes the viewer reflect on the predominance of simplicity over the calculating privileges and conquests of the age of consumerism.

2020 "International collage exhibition", Retravangarda Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
Apocalypse Time, CCA Toruń, Poland
"Art in the time of plague", Oranżeria Gallery in Jabłonna Palace, Poland
2019 "The Secret of the Other Side", Bielska BWA Gallery, Bielsko Biała, Poland
2018 "Illusory nature of the image", Otwarta Pracownia, Krakow, Poland
2017 "Envelopes and Worlds", BWA Sieradz, Poland
"Unforced measurement of subtlety", Lufcik Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
"Objects - Painting", Museum in Sochaczew, Poland
2016 "Palimpsest Inverted", GX Gallery, Institute of Fine Arts, Kielce, Poland
2015 "Televisions", Gallery XXI, Warsaw, Poland
"Paczuszki", Korekta Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
"Parallel Processes", Naples, Italy
2013 "Painting", Zach Feuer Gallery, New York, USA
"Global Projects", Broadway Gallery, New York, USA
2011 "100 paintings for the 100th anniversary of ZPAP", European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium
2000 "Polish Contemporary Art", Polish Consulate, New York, USA
1998 "Candles", Independent nonprofit gallery 67, New York, USA
1996 "Recognition, Painting of the 1990s", Bunker of Art, Krakow, Poland
1994 Tadeusz Dominik and the Students, Archdiocese Museum, Warsaw, Poland